Autonomous Indoor Assessments

A disruptive and novel solution digitizing the indoor assessment processes, providing inevitable safety, exceptional accuracy, and operational efficiencies.

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What we do?

VERTLINER is a field robotics company, developing autonomous robotic aerial platforms for the indoor assessment of assets.

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There is a world to discover with the power of technologically advanced features.

Save Time

With the VERTLINER autonomous robotic solution, you will be able to save precious time, at the exact moment that you need it.

Easy to Use

Learning how to use our solution in the timeframe of a few minutes, while everything about using it is super simple.

Friendly Support

The interactive platform is here to make sure that things run smoothly on your end, while you can get on with other things.

Grow your business

Watch your profits and efficiency metrics soar. You will expand faster than you ever thought it is possible.

An efficient and safe way to digitally monitor your assets.

Get access to our interactive robotic platform, and build your project portfolio in a fraction of time.

How it works


Countries Supported

Responding to the harshest and most demanding environments.


Hours of system stress tests

Excellence in conducting autonomous robotic operations.


How it works?

Intelligent assessment of indoor environments embedding Robotic technologies, and AI-powered interconnectivity pathways.

Automate monitoring operations with the power of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence.

Contributing on a complementary basis to the making of decisions, supporting humans to define high-level outcomes.

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High-level outcomes ensuring Accuracy – Safety – Efficiency.

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